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The Activators were formed by the Henrik Nielsen/FCC Scholarship Alumni.


It not only comprises alumni, but current scholarship awardees.


They want to give back, and here is how they do it.


People who come from disadvantaged family backgrounds face poverty on many fronts. Not only is poverty reflected in a shortage of food and material goods, but there can also be poverty of educational opportunities; poverty of social opportunities; poverty of a decent standard of living. So when some of the young people facing these difficult circumstances were awarded the Henrik Nielsen/FCC Scholarship, they were given back some of the opportunities that poverty took away. Educational opportunities were opened to them as they could now proceed with their choice of tertiary education. They had more social opportunities since they were now mixing in different circumstances with new people, in many cases being guided and mentored by those well known in their fields. They were on their way to earning a decent standard of living for themselves and their families.


Having completed their courses, gained their qualifications and started working, these young people decided they would like to give back to society and support those less fortunate than themselves. They formed their own volunteer group, The Activators, and they have worked hard to develop links and networks to support those most in need.


Here are some of their activities from summer 2012:


16th June - "Sightseeing at Ap Lei Chau with the Elderly"

Venue: PLK Elderly Center at Sheung Wan

Content: Originally was to visit the wind tower park at Ap Lei Chau (South of Hong Kong) with the Elderly but due to weather condition the event was changed to a day tour at IFC in Central with the Elderly


30th June "A Fun Afternoon with Elderly"

Venue: PLK Elderly Center in Kwai ChungContent:

Our self initiated and organized activity, we played games, sang songs and distributed souvenirs for the elderly in the center


7th July "Beach Cleaning"

Venue: TuenMun Butterfly BeachContent: Our self initiated and organized activity, to help clean the public beach for a better environment for public


28th July "PLK fun day for kids and parents"

Venue: PLK Causeway Bay Headquarter

Content: A fun day with different game sessions for PLK kids and their parents, in total 12 families participated.


Charity Sale Preparation

Besides, we have also scheduled a few sessions within the team to hand make accessories which will be used in the future charity sale.


We are in touch with the PLK to see if we can run a charity sales in upcoming PLK events. We will also run this charity sale in the coming FCC Charity Ball. The money raised will be for us to organise more charity events and donations to PLK and FCC Charity Fund.


The Activators also took the initiative to raise money to support one scholarship for a needy student.


There’s a lot to be proud of here.

The Activator

FCC Scholarship Alumni Association

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