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Countless companies and individuals in Hong Kong and throughout the world have been contributing to the annual FCC Charity Ball, be it via cash, service or product donations. We are always looking to welcome new Partners and encourage you to read this document in details to learn more about how we can work best together for the children of the Po Leung Kuk.

You would to contribute, but cannot commit to a long-term engagement? No problem; we welcome direct donations via the Po Leung Kuk e-donation link.

Many gifted, intelligent young people coming out of the Po Leunk Kuk programs aren’t financially able to pursue their education further. The FCC Charity Fund, after a careful and thorough screening process, give them the opportunity of going to university, or through another similar graduation program. If you too would be interested in knowing more about how you can change a young person’s life, click on the link below.

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