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Training Programmes


The funds go directly to run the Language Programmes in the Po Leung Kuk Residential Children's Home in Causeway Bay and the Small Group Homes all over Hong Kong; the Children's Learning Centre in Lei Muk Shue Estate and in Kwai Hing Social Welfare Department; The Education Services Centre in Tai Wai and the Secondary Education Services Centre also in Tai Wai.


These programmes offer extra-curricular English, Putonghua and Storytelling classes to children and young people aged from 3 to 18 years living in care or from disadvantaged family backgrounds.  We improve the language skills and the confidence of the children through fun activities like role play and singing, arts and crafts and food making as well as stories and games.


Relationships are developed through different cultural activities and outings throughout the year.  We celebrate Mid Autumn Festival and Halloween, Christmas and Chinese New Year, Easter and the Dragon Boat Festival.  We have fun activities in the summer with a basketball tournament, rugby and yoga sessions, group games and food making as well as outings to the cinema, to the Peak, to the beach, to a local university, etc.

Where do the funds goes



The Foreign Correspondents’ Club/Po Leung Kuk University Scholarship Fund was set up in 2001 to provide financial assistance to students from low income families who are attending university or other associate degree.


Money is allocated so the scholars can enjoy their university life without having to take part-time jobs to pay for books, dormitory fees, transportation and clothing.  Students come from the Po Leung Kuk system, young people who were brought up at the Children Home or from the Po Leung Kuk schools.


The Scholarship Fund will be awarded throughout the entire period while the students are studying at university.  Scholars will receive their stipend every quarter and they have to provide a record of their class attendance including a grade maintaining of GPA 2.2 and above per semester.


The FCC Scholarship Fund also helps the students with mentoring programs and summer internships provided by our generous corporate sponsors as well as seminars on social skills and table manners.

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