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What our Sponsors and Scholars say about the FCC/PLK University Scholarship Fund

"In 2001, I was fortunate to be part of the first batch of FCC/PLK scholars for my 5-year tertiary education at the University of Hong Kong. I am currently a litigation lawyer working with a leading international law firm. The FCC Scholarship Fund allowed us to focus on our studies rather than overload ourselves with part-time jobs. Apart from the financial assistance, the FCC and Po Leung Kuk also offered us lots of invaluable opportunities that broadened our horizons and enriched our lives." –

Scholar, Ms. Mandy Fung, graduated 2007 from the University of Hong Kong with a degree in Bachelor of Social Sciences (Government and Law) and a Bachelor of Law

"You have given me so much for the last 5 years. Not only about the sum of money but also valuable network and experience. The scholarship allows me go around the globe attending medical conferences, joining local volunteer services. This is a memorable experience that could benefit my future patients. What we have done is so little but at the best we could. We will continue to work hard and let you be proud of us". – Scholar, Mr. Bernard Shum, graduated 2014 from the University of Hong Kong with a degree in Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

"I was raised in a single parent family. My father passed away in my childhood with not much savings left. I started my first part time job when I was 14 to support my family. All I knew at that time was to study hard to earn a better life in future. Going to university was my dream but this could be a luxury given my family’s financial condition. I was well prepared to do more part time jobs to support my tertiary education. It was not the end of the day as I still got the chance, to study but I knew it was going to be tough. 

In 2003, my dream came true and I got admitted to the University of Hong Kong, majoring in Actuarial Science. That was the first year of the FCC scholarship was established which changed my university life and the life thereafter. The generous support from FCC freed me from my family’s financial burden so I could concentrate in my study and explore the numerous opportunities in the University. Besides academic achievements, I could spare the time and became very active in students’ activities which further shaped my personality and broadened my exposure. I was awarded as the most outstanding student with all-rounded achievements in the hall in the University. 

I am turning 30 this year. Now looking back in the old days, without the support from the FCC, I am certain my university life would have been very different and I would not have become what I am now. In the past years after my graduation, I had the opportunities to work for the world’s top tier bank, live in different continents, start my own company and form my new family. All my ‘opportunities’ should be attributed to my education in which FCC has played a very important part in supporting. I wholeheartedly thank the FCC for their generous support which led my life to a brighter future." – Scholar, Karl Ka Ying Chan, graduated in 2006 from the University of Hong Kong with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science

"I am so passionate about this particular charity because it provides a sustainable and self-perpetuating way to give to those kids who are not so fortunate as others.  Also, due to the low cost income ratio of the charity, the money truly goes to the recipient of the grant. The PLK helps in the selection procedure and ensures the money is properly accounted for." – Sponsor, Mr. Marc Van Eijck, Managing Director, APAC head of Market Risk Control, UBS

"I have had the privilege of meeting the children. I have seen how they appreciate the education and assistance benefits and then give back to help other unfortunate ones. This has certainly inspired me to keep giving over the years." Sponsor, Mrs. Gina Rinehart, Chairman, Hancock Prospecting

"It has always been my aspiration to become a commercial lawyer. To students with humble background, the road to success is not easy. Thanks to the FCC Scholarship, I had the chance to work at UBS Wealth Management as a summer intern last year where I acquired hands-on working experience and met lots of professionals and fellow interns in this renowned bank. Despite the challenges along my road to success, I am confident that I can overcome these hindrances, because I am not alone. The FCC Scholarship is always here to support us, giving us access to opportunities." 
– Scholar, Sarah Chan Ka Wing, currently studying business and law at the University of Hong Kong

"We decided to support the FCC Scholarship Fund because it's a cause that goes beyond just a one-time donation to make a lasting impact; we also wanted to give back to the Hong Kong community and help the underprivileged. Through this process, our company has gotten to personally know our chosen scholar, and is proud to sponsor such a motivated, hard-working and worthy individual." Sponsor, Ms. Uttama Patel, Marketing Manager, Asia, Profile Search & Selection

"This is Ernie writing. On behalf of 07' scholarship winners, as a year representative,  I am glad to join the lunch gathering in May with you, our guests, fellow scholarship winners and a new cabal. Karen and I were very pleased to have lunch with Mr. Tang King Shing. 

After graduation for few years, work is keeping us so busy nowadays that we scarcely ever get time to gather together. However, we would love to spare time to gather and update our recent news to each other. Our 07' buddies are doing well and want to share their good news to you:


Natalie: Going to have wedding on 24 Dec 2014. Some of us will attend her party. Congratulation!


Zoe: Have better work & life balance now after leaving accounting firm. She is still very passionate on the growth of FCCSAA!


Ken: You may well don't see him for few years. He is the only boy in 2007. Propose to be a PHD in University of London this year. Busy in writing essay now. We all miss him!


Karen: She is doing good in Bloomberg. After she came back from Singapore, we can meet her frequently finally! In June Karen and Ernie just finish the CFA examination. What a tough work!


Ernie: Get a (slight) career growth and recognition award from Asia Pacific Division in Feb. A bit hectic in the summer for marketing events. Therefore, always to be a host in reunion HAHA!


We may not be as successful as Ray, Mandy & Carl, but we have goals, friendships and supports. We sincerely thank you FCC for everything." – Ernie, 2007 Scholarship winner, Cofounder of FCCSAA, Council of The Activators


For more details on each of the Scholarship Winners and to learn about their educational achievements and ambitions please download a copy of the Annual Report

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